Gender: Male
Gender appearance: Male
Hometown: Endsville
Mandy (owner)
Little Delicious
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Get Out of My Head!
Voiced by:
Richard Steven Horvitz
Jess Harnell

Saliva is Mandy's dog. He drools a lot and likes Mandy a lot, even if she doesnt feel the same way. Saliva is a very emotional dog (he became very sad when Mandy got a new dog, Cerberus). He has shown that he was more loyal to his owner than both Cerberus and Mindy's pet poodle. Saliva has scared Mindy before by giving her a horrible, disgusting look that made her flee and Mandy admits she likes his loyalty to her. As well as drooling he has a snotty runny nose. Saliva is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz except in one episode; in which Saliva is voiced by Jess Harnell.