Endsville is a town in the USA where havoc and mischief occur. It is plagued by monsters, demons, ghosts, spiders and skeletons. It is for these very reasons that the Kids Next Door normally avoid Endsville.

Population (2007) 2,009,675 Humans 244,000 other types of life.


Endsville may have been originally a small settlement for prehistoric cavemen in prehistoric era ("Wrath of the Spider Queen").

It is also seen in the medieval times. The town looks the same only with a medieval theme ("Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween"). This may indicate that Endsville is not an American town, but somewhere in Europe.

The town in chronologically seen lastly in what appears to be in the early 1990s or the 1950s ("Who Killed Who").

Downtown LocationsEdit

  • Nuclear Plant

Suburban EndsvilleEdit

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  • According to Cartoon Networks Fusion Fall, Endsville is 150 to 300 miles from Sector V, in the vicinity of Peach Creek, somewhere near Mexico.
  • There is also a nuclear plant, though it has nothing to do with the plot in any episodes although it is featured in FusionFall.
  • According to some episodes, Endsville has a Medieval origin, which is awkward, since this city is located in United States and Medieval Age did not occur in America but in Europe.